Greyhound Adoption

American Greyhound Racing is proud to support Arizona Adopt A Greyhound Inc. (AAGI), a non-profit agency founded in 1990 by Cheryl Lawless to find loving homes for retired greyhound racers. Through funding, volunteer and staff support to the dedication of a permanent adoption facility located on-track, American Greyhound Racing hopes to ensure that the greyhound pet becomes as popular as the sport and to continue in support of the work started by Cheryl.

Today, over 5,000 greyhounds have raced into the hearts and homes of Arizona's families. Now, Kari and Bill Young, work with a small, dedicated staff and lots of hard working volunteers to place nearly 500 former racers each year into loving homes like yours.

If you would like more information about greyhound adoption or would like to make a donation, call AAGI at (602) 971-6935 or visit