Who can join?

Anyone can become a member, provided they are 21 years of age or older. Arizona Department of Racing Occupational Licensees (and/or those classifications that work at the racing facility) are not eligible.

How do I earn points?

You can earn points with every wager that you place on simulcast greyhound races, at any of American Greyhound Racing’s Off Track Betting Network sites. Before placing your bets, have your card swiped by a mutuel teller at the mutuel windows. If you prefer self-service, first, establish a balance, then swipe your card through the designated slot on the United Tote self-service terminal and then place your bet.

How do I know how many points I have earned?

You may check your points by visiting PhoenixPlayersClub.com.

When are my points credited to my account?

Our Player's Club system is not a real time system and accounts have to be updated through a file we receive from our Tote company, United Tote. Wagers that are made Monday through Thursday are updated the next day, while wagers made Friday through Sunday will be updated on Monday.

How do I redeem my points?

Members can redeem points at the Phoenix Greyhound Park Front Office (3801 E Washington St.) during the day at Apache Greyhound Park. Just present your card and proper identification. Keep in mind that rewards are based on availability and that no redemption for cash may be made as part of this program.

Is my account confidential?

Absolutely, all information pertaining to your account is strictly confidential and is not available to any outside source. American Greyhound Racing, Inc. maintains customer information exclusively for its internal use and will not sell or otherwise transfer such information to third parties.

May I share my card with family or friends?

No. Membership in the Phoenix Player's Club program is limited to you and use of the card may not be shared or transferred. Each member is expected to have an individual assigned membership number and corresponding card. Misuse of the card or membership will result in loss of the card, all accumulated points and any other services offered in connection with your membership.

Does using the card slow down the wagering process?

No. It only takes about two seconds to swipe the card through the reader to automatically record your wager.

I lost my card. How do I get a new one?

If a player should lose their membership card they should inform their local mutuel teller who will have them fill out an application in order to get a new membership card. All points from the old membership account will be transferred to the new account.